How early in advance should I book my short term missions trip to NYSUM?
Considering the large number of individuals and teams interested in staying at NYSUM, you should book your stay at NYSUM as early as possible to secure desired dates. We are often booked to capacity, especially during our peak times of Spring Break (March) and Summer (June-July). We take reservations on a first come first served basis. Reservations are confirmed after your deposit is received.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards (MasterCard and Visa).
What is the age requirement to stay at NYSUM?
Presently, the age requirement is 14. Adolescents must stay with a parent or guardian in the same room. This is the also required when you participate in ministry outreaches.


What time is check-in and check-out?
You can check in anytime after 3pm, and checkout is 9am. Check in could be an hour or two later during peak seasons.
How much does it cost to stay at NYSUM?
We have many packages that provide ministry for almost all ages and are affordable for everyone. These prices can be found in our short- term missions catalog at: https://nysum.org/mission-trip-packages/
Are there accommodations for couples and families?
We have a limited amount of rooms for couples that are based upon availability. Children of the opposite gender may stay in the same room as the parent as long as the child is not over the age of 6.
Will it be just our group in a room?
We reserve beds, not rooms, for our groups. Generally, your group will be in the same room. However, during peak seasons, there are times when team members from other groups may stay in a room with members of your team.
How many people can stay in one room?
We have rooms that accommodate from 4, 6 & 8 people.
How many people can NYSUM accommodate to at one time?
NYSUM can house up to 300 people at a time. However, this number depends on availability.
How many showers are there?
There are 9 showers for the women’s dorm, 6 for the men’s dorm, and 3 for the overflow dorm.
Can you lock your room?
We do not provide individual keys to lock the rooms while you are out but you can lock your room while you are in it.
Do I need to bring my own linens and pillows?
NYSUM provides a set of linens, per stay. The set of linens includes: 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 1 pillowcase, 1 pillow, 1 towel, and a washcloth. You can however, bring your own linens and pillows from home.
What time is curfew?
The curfew is 11pm with the exception of groups involved in ministry or other late night engagements that has been cleared with our office.
Can I leave my bags somewhere safe after checkout?
If it is necessary to store your personal belongings after checkout, you may store them in one of our safe storage locations located in the building. This would need to be worked out when you make your reservation.
Is there parking at NYSUM?
NYSUM parking lot can accommodate cars, 15 passenger vans and large vehicles & trailers up to 25’. The parking at NYSUM is limited and is for groups involved in ministry with us. During non-peak seasons lodgers may also park in our parking lot, which is based upon availability. Street parking is also available.
Can I park a bus or RV at or around NYSUM?
No, the parking lot does not accommodate for larger vehicles such as RVs and buses. In the past, NYSUM groups have parked their buses at the courtyard Marriott at LaGuardia airport. You can contact guest services for this location at: 1-888-307-7555


What are the different types of ministries I can participate in at NYSUM?
There are many different forms of ministry you can take part in at NYSUM. The outreaches can be found in our short-term missions catalog located on our website: https://nysum.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/2019Catalog-Compressed.pdf
Can I choose a specific ministry site?
We will take into consideration which ministry site you would prefer to go to and do everything possible to honor your request. However, preferences are not guaranteed since we partner with many different organizations and churches to work with their respective ministry needs.
What is the average time for a day or night ministry?
Daytime ministry training begins after breakfast at around 8am and lasts until approximately 3pm, allowing time to return to NYSUM around 4pm. Nighttime ministry usually begins after supper and last until approximately 11pm. Late night compassion homeless ministry begins around 7pm and you return to NYSUM around 1am.
Do I have to bring extra materials for the ministry sites?
It is not required for you to bring your own materials. However, we encourage teams to bring ministry tools such as instruments and props that would help enhance ministry experience while at NYSUM. Other necessary materials will either be provided by NYSUM or at the site (sound systems, hand puppets, & prayer stations).
Can I do ministries on Sunday?
Generally, we do not have ministry outreaches scheduled on Sunday. However, during our peak seasons and on special occasions, our ministry partners request Sunday ministries. Sundays is typically when ministry teams are able to attend NYC churches as part of their NYSUM Experience.
How do you get to NYSUM?
You can find detailed directions on our website at: https://nysum.org/directions/


Are meals included?
Most of the outreach packages listed in the short-term missions catalog include meals. If you are lodging only, you can purchase meals separately.
Can we pay for meals after we arrive?
No, our Food Services department has to plan ahead to accommodate the number of guests staying at NYSUM. It helps us tremendously if meals are sorted out at least a week before arriving. Therefore, meal plans must be confirmed and paid for before your arrival.
Does NYSUM accommodate food allergies?
NYSUM has a full soup and salad bar for all groups that choose to purchase our meal plan. We also use non transfer oil in cooking. It is the responsibility of team members to provide supplemental food for special needs team members may have. There are numerous stores and restaurants in close vicinity to NYSUM that do accommodate to food allergies.
Can I bring my own food and store it in the room?
No, food and beverages are NOT allowed in the rooms.
Is there a fridge to store medication (ie. insulin)?
Yes, there is a fridge available to use for medicine use only located on the dorm floors. All medicines must be stored in a labeled bag. Team members are responsible for these medications.
Are there any restaurants close to NYSUM?
There are a number of different types of restaurants, coffee shops and diners within walking distance of NYSUM. Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts is a 10 min walk from NYSUM.
Can I barbeque in the parking lot?
We do not allow guest barbecuing anywhere on the NYSUM premises.


Does NYSUM have wheelchairs/ accommodate for the handicapped?
Our facility is wheelchair accessible and accommodates for those who are handicapped. However, we do not have wheelchairs available.


How close is NYSUM to Manhattan?
NYSUM is a 5 minute walk (1.5 blocks) from the subway. Once on the subway, a ride into Manhattan is only 20 – 30 minutes.
How do we get around the city?
For Ministry teams: Staying at NYSUM has the option to include transportation provided by NYSUM in the purchased package. This option includes van transportation and metro fare. For Lodgers: The easiest, most convenient way to get around New York is by subway using a Metro Card.
Where do we get metro passes and how much are they?
Metro passes are available at subway station booths and MetroCard vending machines. The present fare for a subway or local bus ride is $2.50. You can buy as many rides as you want from $5 – $100 depending on whether you buy from a booth or vending machine. 7- day Unlimited Ride MetroCards are also available for $34.


Does NYSUM have Wi-Fi?
Wi-Fi is available for general internet browsing, social media, emails, etc. But it is not available for streaming video on platforms such as, but not limited to, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
Is there entertainment close by?
YES, New York City Parks, museums, Broadway shows, and other attractions are approximately 30 – 40 minutes on the subway from NYSUM.