Our Directors

Rev. Peter DeArruda President
& Darleen DeArruda

Director of Special Services & Food Service Manager

Rev. Peter DeArruda is an ordained minister in New York City where he and his wife, Darleen, serve as urban missionaries for the past 30 years with the New York School of Urban Ministry. Rev. DeArruda became Elim Fellowships first Home Missionaries in 1987 and serves on the Council of Elders Board for Elim Fellowship, Lima, NY. He also became the Executive Vice President of NYSUM in1994.  He has studied at Zion Bible Institute, is a graduate of Elim Bible Institute in 1980, and earned his B.A. degree in religion & philosophy from Houghton College in 1981.  He has served the body of Christ for over 35 years in diverse ministry capacities such as youth pastor, pastor, evangelist, and presently, an urban missionary.

Since 1987, he has been actively involved in spearheading and leading urban outreaches as well as evangelism training with the New York School of Urban Ministry.  He has been instrumental in bringing vision and challenge to city churches in mobilizing the body of Christ for urban ministry.  He is a Bible teacher in several ethnic NYC churches and is also an instructor at NYSUM.
Rev. DeArruda provides leadership for those coming to New York City to be trained in ministry from other mega-cities throughout the U.S. and Canada—with the purpose of motivating and equipping churches to reclaim their own city for Christ! He also serves as a mentor in urban ministry for many local churches in New York City, providing support, resources and guidance to urban pastors and churches through years of relationship and experience.

He has traveled and spoken in several foreign countries for pastors’ conferences, crusades and church meetings. As a missionary to New York City, he is a speaker for mission’s conferences, men’s retreats, crusades in the United States and in urban centers throughout the world.

Peter is happily married to his wife, Darleen, of 35 years and has two beautiful daughters, Christina & Stefanie.