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All donations for the NYSUM calendar go to support the NYSUM Food Truck ministry. Our Food Truck serves over 30,000 per year.

Paul Johansson book There have always been people who have walked to the beat of a different drum, sometimes out-of-step with the crowds. The Johanssons have walked to this kind of beat as something not to be ashamed of, but as a badge of honor. The conflicts and setbacks they faced in their lives, only caused them to hold tighter to the Nail Scarred Hands. Faith on Assignment is their adventure. May you be inspired to take new steps of faith for the challenges you face so that in the days ahead you will leave a true and lasting faith legacy.


The Apostle Paul writes the Book of Romans as a legal document to justify the believer’s freedom. “”Free by Divine Decree”” takes you inside the court room to witness how the case for your freedom was argued and decided. The final verdict from the Supreme Judge is that “”in Christ”” you are righteous not by achieving but by believing. The truth in this book will set you free—free indeed. No further appeal! Your freedom is not a feeling it is a fact. The Verdict Is In: Condemnation is OUT.


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