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All donations for the NYSUM calendar go to support the NYSUM Food Truck ministry. Our Food Truck serves over 30,000 per year.


$5.00 – plus $3.95 shipping & handling

1–5 Calendars-$5.00+$3.95 Shipping & Handling
6-10 Calendars– $5.00+$5.95 Shipping & Handling
11–15 Calendars-$5.00+7.95 Shipping & Handling
16–20+ Calendars-$5.00+9.95 Shipping & Handling


Free By Divine Decree takes you inside the courtroom to witness how the case for your freedom was argued and decided. The final verdict from the Supreme Judge is that “in Christ” you are righteous, not by achieving but by believing…


 Note: This link is for calendar donations only. To make a donation to the ministry Please visit www.nysumdonate.org