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Summer Week-Long Ministry (Off-Peak)

Dates offered:

Aug. 15 - 30, 2021
Aug. 15 - 30, 2022


$355 per person / 7 nights

Seven nights with meals included. One set of bed linens per stay included.

  • Homeless ministry, soup kitchens
  • Street evangelism
  • Muslim ministry
  • Jewish ministry
  • Drama/skits
  • Prayer walks to Ground Zero, United Nations, and more
  • NYSUM’s instructors provide practical urban training orientations prior to each learning experience.

Note: Meals begin with dinner on arrival day and end with breakfast on departing day. Only breakfast is served on Sundays.


In-city transportation to all ministry training locations. $30 for 3-day and weekend, $50 for week long.
In-city metro transportation, $34 per person.