NYSUM’S Training Campus


  • 70,000 sq. ft. facility (fully air-conditioned)
  • Dorms for 4-8 people
  • For small to very large groups
  • Separate men’s and women’s floors
  • Showers on each dormitory floor, 1/2 bathroom in each room
  • Prayer and devotional lounge on each floor
  • Coin laundry on each dormitory floor
  • Vended snack & bottled Coke machine

Four Meeting Rooms (Including Chapel)

  • Meeting rooms seat 30-200 people
  • Sound system, projector system, and piano available

Fellowship Lounge

  • Casual seating area with sofas and TV

Cafeteria-Style Dining Room

  • Seating for 200
  • Serves home-style meals
  • Includes soup/salad bar (lunch & dinner)
  • Can also be used for large meetings or conferences
  • Projector system, sound system, and piano

Food Truck Ministry

  • Feeding and ministering to thousands of needy New Yorkers through our new food truck

The Johansson Lobby

  • Opened Summer 2013
  • Café tables with chairs
  • Vended coffee machine
  • Security office


  • T-shirts, books, CDs/DVDs, and other gift/souvenir items

Subway Access

  • NYSUM is 2 blocks from the 46th St. Station
  • Excellent access to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx