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Winter Homeless Compassion Outreaches

Dates offered:


Jan.1-3, Jan. 15-17

Feb. 4-7, Feb. 18-21

Mar. 5-7, Mar.19-21


Jan.7-9, Jan. 21-23

Feb. 4-6, Feb. 18-20

Mar. 4-6, Mar.18-20


$198 per person / 2 nights

Two nights with meals included.

A united outreach to homeless people of New York City, who are often forgotten during the coldest season of the year. With the assistance of a team of people, NYSUM distributes food, blankets, toiletries, and clothing to over 3,000 homeless people on the streets, in the subways, and at shelters in the spirit of God’s love. Teams also assist local churches and ministries with their community compassion outreach programs during these months.

Note: Meals begin with dinner on arrival day and end with breakfast on departing day. Only breakfast is served on Sundays.


In-city transportation to all ministry training locations. $30 for 3-day and weekend, $50 for week long