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Greetings from the Mission Field of NYC, “The Most International City in the World.” Founded in 1984, the New York School of Urban Ministry (NYSUM) hosts, trains, and deploys over 5,000 youth and adults for urban ministry each year by partnering with inner city pastors and churches in New York City. In addition to providing practical urban classroom teaching and training, NYSUM provides accommodations and home-style meals for small and large groups at our 70,000 square foot training facility. NYSUM’s staff equips students from Colleges, Seminaries, Bible Schools, Youth Groups, and Church Groups. Our students learn about inner-city ministry at the grassroots through diverse, cross-cultural, “hands-on” outreaches to Muslims, Jews, the homeless, abused women, the disabled, terminally ill, and those victimized by natural disasters. Outreaches take place via street meetings, soup kitchens, rescue missions, city shelters, rehab centers, and more. On behalf of my wife and I and our staff, we invite you and your ministry to share together in the life-changing NYSUM Experience in New York City.

Yours for urban leadership,

Rev. Peter & Darleen DeArruda NYSUM, President
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Statement of Faith We believe…

Why Short Term Missions in New York City?

  • Massive Population – New York City has a population of approximately 10 million people, more than the populations of 39 U.S. States. It is roughly equivalent to the combined populations of Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston.
  • Ethnic diversity – New York City is considered the “Most International City in the World.” Approximately 36% of New Yorkers are foreign born, and at least 200 languages are spoken here.
  • Homelessness & Poverty – 14% of the U.S. homeless population resides in New York City. While the U.S. average is 13% living below the poverty line, 27.1% of the Bronx’s population and 21.9% of Brooklyn’s population live below the poverty line.
  • Disaster Relief – As a result of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, the need for helping needy and hurting New Yorkers has skyrocketed since late-October 2012.

Examples of NYSUM Outreaches …

  • Ministry to NYC’s homeless on streets and in soup kitchens
  • Inner-city children’s ministry
  • Friendship evangelism on streets in Muslim community
  • Worship service at Hispanic church and soup kitchens
  • Ministry to disabled at school for those with cerebral palsy
  • Street meetings, block parties, drama/clowns/puppets ministry
  • Friendship evangelism at hospital for chronically ill
  • Women’s cosmetic makeover event in homeless shelters
  • Disaster relief: feeding and evangelism in disaster zones
  • Orientation and prayer walk at the United Nations Headquarters